I trust this message finds you well. As the Superintendent of Police for Kurnool District, I would like to take a moment to address you directly on matters of public safety.

It is an immense pleasure to welcome kurnoolions to the official website of Kurnool police. We Kurnool police are working hard to create a fear-free environment that will help us grow and develop towards public safety.

Our primary goal is to create a safe and secure environment for all residents. To achieve this, we need your cooperation and partnership. Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to DIAL 100. Your prompt reporting is crucial in maintaining the safety of our community.

Our police force is committed to ensuring a secure environment for all residents. We will be enhancing security measures to safeguard our Kurnool District. However, your cooperation is invaluable in maintaining a safe and harmonious atmosphere.

Additionally, our police force will be conducting routine patrols and community engagement initiatives to ensure a safe and secure environment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these efforts.

We have observed an increase in traffic violations within our community, which poses risks to all road users. I urge you to obey speed limits, use seat belts, and avoid distractions while driving. Our officers will be conducting regular traffic enforcement operations to ensure compliance.

We are working under the framework where we try to accomplish our goals based on being proactive, professional, proud, passionate, and working in partnership with the people of Kurnool district. We are trying much harder to prevent crime before it happens with every tool and technology available with us. The men of our organization maintain a level of professionalism worthy of the trust bestowed upon us. I can say that we are a very proud organization, and that pride extends to the city we serve and the members of all departments within the city. I believe that our profession is to serve the people and the nation.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be The Superintendent Of Police of the Kurnool Police Department. I would like to thank all of the past and present men of Kurnool Police Department whose dedication, ability and diligence has formed the reputation that our department enjoys today. Our chosen profession can be difficult and challenging, but I firmly believe that nobody does it better than the members of the Kurnool City Police Department.

 At last but not the least I would like to thank all the people of Kurnool district for accepting and obeying the law and following the rules and regulations 


G Krishnakanth IPS

Superintendent of Police