Dear Police Officers/men Click Here

Dear Police Officers/Men we are coming up with new initiative for updating the news and updates in Kurnool Police official website. Here you can get important updates related to your DPO office works and grievances. And as well you can download related documents.

A Word From Administrative Officer

As we are all well known that the duties of the Police Officers and Police personnel are very hard and they use to be on duty 
round the clock in protecting public safety. Due to their busy duties, they may not have time to review their own pending 
works with the DPO, due to which there was little ambiguity to them about their scheme matters and DPO works.
Moreover, the DPO functioning has been improved works and quick action is being taken to dispose off the petitions being 
received in DPO. It is happy to note that the petitions are being disposed within 3 days to 7 days, at an average, based on the 
type of the grievances.