About Us

Kurnool District Police

We Belive in hard work

We kurnool Police are working hardwork to take control over the present covid19 pandemic situation. We are struggling to control the this current situation

We Love To Serve

We Kurnool Police always love to serve the kurnool district people. We are always here to help and serve you much better than before ever

Kurnool police bonds to public

Kurnool police men will bond with kurnool people to make the issue simple and fast.

We will make it

The whole globe is suffering with unseen covid19 pandemic crises and the lock downs  already at the end state but still we are make trying to make it like before

Kurnool Police VISION & MISSION

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We kurnool Police believes in DEDICATED HARD WORK to achieve peace and to maintain law and order in district.  We are trying hard to take control over this covid19 pandemic situation.

We are adopting new technologies which available with us to integrate and implement peace around.  

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The Police Officials